Technological Institute of the Philippines

Ayannah founder and CEO visits T.I.P. for technopreneurship talk

The Technological Institute of the Philippines (T.I.P.) recently invited Miguel “Mikko” Perez as guest speaker for the T.I.P. Technopreneurship Learning Series. Perez is the founder and CEO of Ayannah, a digital commerce and payment services provider for online and mobile communities, especially the unbanked. Ayannah provides affordable and accessible digital financial services for the emerging middle class, many of whom are unbanked and migrants. This proudly Filipino-made web-based financial services software aims to solve the problem of the lack of availability of cash in the countryside.

Perez related that he did not come from a rich family and that it was his father’s various business ventures that made him interested in being an entrepreneur himself. With almost 30 years of experience, Perez, who was once Chikka’s Director of Finance and Business Development, enlightened the students by sharing important entrepreneurship pointers to them.

In his talk, Perez advised students that they should start small through working in an actual company, so that they may know how it is to learn and earn at the same time. According to him, a good entrepreneur should be a perfectionist, a problem solver, must be persuasive, persistent, and passionate. “These are not just some of the things I look for in entrepreneurs, but also in my employees,” he said.

Perez also emphasized that venturing into entrepreneurship means addressing a major need or problem and providing a unique solution for it. “Whether it’s starting a business or finding a job, you need to find something that differentiates you from the rest,” he explained.

“There’s no excuse for you not to do what you want to do, especially at your age. You have lots of opportunities – the ability to start your own business or to find the job that you love. It’s more than ever within your grasp,” Perez told the students.